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Privacy Policy

Administration of Internet-shop "shopcoco.ru" guarantees the absolute confidentiality of information received from registered users.

All the information you enter during registration will be stored in a secure database. Internet-shop "shopcoco.ru" guarantees complete confidentiality in the performance of the order, as well as the fact that information about the buyer will only be used for the execution of incoming orders.

Your registration data, we need only to our managers could contact you on the phone and delivery service able to deliver your order to the right place on time.

Also registered, you can get information on all the news from our shop: new product revenue, sales, special programs.

If you have any problems or questions authorization enrollment in the store - please contact us by e-mail shopcoco@yandex.ru, our support team is always pomogzhet you!

Representatives of the online store "shopcoco.ru" will never ask you credit card details or other sensitive details. These details are only used to pay for goods buyer yourself.

General Provisions:

    1. Some items posted on the site are the intellectual property online store "shopcoco.ru". Use of such facilities by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

    2. On the online shop "shopcoco.ru" are links to go to other sites. Shop Online "shopcoco.ru" is not responsible for the information published on these sites, and provides links to them only in order to ensure convenience for visitors to your site.

Personal Information and Security:

    1. The Internet shop "shopcoco.ru" guarantees that no information you provide will never, under any circumstances, be provided to third parties, except as permitted by applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

    2. Under certain circumstances, your online shop "shopcoco.ru" may ask you to register and provide personal information. The information provided is used exclusively when processing order in the shop or to provide visitor access to specific information.

    3. Personal information can be changed, updated, or deleted at any time under "My account".

    4. To provide you with information specific kind of online shop "shopcoco.ru" with your explicit consent may be sent to the specified email address registration information messages. At any time you can reject it.

    5. Like many other websites, Internet-shop "shopcoco.ru" uses cookie, with which he is set to work with you personally. Specifically without this technology can not work with a basket.