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Shampoo "Silicon Mix Moroccan Argan Oil"    473 ml   Silicon Mix Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil is specifically formulated for dry, damaged and brittle hair. Protects, moisturizes, smoothes and repairs the hair...
936.36 р.
Set of hair "Argan Oil" - Shampoo "Argan Oil" 360 ml - Balm "Argan Oil" 360 ml - treatment 225ml What is argan oil and why it is so prized? Firstly, Complicated overestimate unique composition of Argan oil. It comprises abo..
832.32 р.
 "Baba de Caracol" "Baba de Caracol" Regenerative Shampoo 16 oz / 450 ml.  Shampoo Bring life, elasticity and shine back to your hair with our exclusive shampoo formula designed to wash away dullness and regenerate wit..
572.22 р.
"El Abono" Hair shampoo based on natural ingredients 450мл   Hair Series Specially developed on the basis of only natural substance APIGENIN The formula, enriched with natural plant actives, contains anti-inflammatory and anti..
728.28 р.
"Emergencia" shampoo avocado 453ml Designed to restore moisture in dry, thirsty hair, this avocado conditioner is packed full of high-performance ingredients that tackle heavy, voluminous locks, transforming it into easy-to-manage hair wit..
936.36 р.
Brand: K-RLA
"K-rla Bamboo" Intensive, healing hair shampoo 500ml Formula of professional products. The product contains bamboo extract for hair strength and Argan oil. Argan oil restores damaged hair along its entire length, a strengthened formula..
1,040.40 р.
"Keratinex" Hair Shampoo - Shampoo with keratin "Keratin" 450 ml - Air Conditioning with keratin "Keratinex" 450 ml - Intensive Mask for hair keratin "Keratinex" 450 ml   Set hair "Keratinex" is the salvation of your hair !!!..
884.34 р.
"Ligao de Leche" shampoo 370ml Our Ligao de Leche Protein shampoo is formulated with amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, biotin, calcium and potassium to derived from cow, goat, barley, oat, almond, olive and silk milks. It helps to re..
572.22 р.
"Macadamia and Collagen" shampoo 450ml Advanced Fusion based on macadamia oil and collagen protein. Its active ingredients settle the nutrients needed to restore, moisturize and regenerate hair strands, preventing fragility and restoring e..
1,248.48 р.
"Pistachio and Collagen" shampoo 450ml The Pistachio & Collagen line provides an immediate conditioning and hydration hair repair effect.It gives your hair spectacular brightness and smoothness through the abundance of Omega 3, 6 and 9..
1,352.52 р.
Set of hair "Silicon Mix Bambu" Set of hair "Silicon Mix Bambu" consists of a shampoo and deep regenerating hair mask is an intensive treatment for brittle, lifeless and dull hair. "Silicon Mix Bambu" can be called resuscitation for damaged, ..
520.20 р.
"Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla" Hair Shampoo A series of "Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla" contains silicone and pearl protein, rejuvenates hair, restores, deeply nourishes and moisturizes throughout. Gives vitality and softness, healthy app..
540.00 р.
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Free bag! Only for goods from Dominican Republic! buy on 100$ and receive FREE bag!   ..
2,080.80 р.
Shampoo for faster hair growth "Cinnamon and Rosemary" 8 oz = 224 gr Shampoo "Cinnamon and Rosemary" contains extracts of cinnamon and rosemary, accelerates growth, prevents hair loss and prevents dandruff. Recommended for scalp pro..
811.51 р.